Trade stands

Last year we had an attendance of over 18,000 people across the weekend with 6,000 of them camping on-site on the Friday and Saturday night. Our visitors are split between air cooled and water cooled enthusiasts and general show visitors.

Trade Layout

Plot details

- All trade bookings are for full weekend
- All plots are 10 metres deep
- Prices range from £20 to £30 per metre frontage
- All plots are outside and on grass
- No electricity is provided
- Night trading available in certain trade areas
- Pre-positioned marquees avaialble on request
- Petrol Generators are NOT allowed on site.  Diesel Generators are welcome as long as they are in good order.  Please respect your neighbours when it comes to noise.

Catering, Funfair and Auto Jumble

Catering and Funfair customers, please email Auto Jumble customers please visit our Auto Jumble page

Trade stand bookings for VW Festival 2016 will be available in late 2015