Live graffiti marquee

Each year the awesome guys from put on a live VW graffiti display at VW Festival. Year after year they turn some great dubs into show quality graffiti works of art.

How to register your car for the graffiti display

Fill in the form below and upload a photo of your vehicle. We will contact all registrants by July to let them know if they have been accepted or not. All accepted vehicles need to buy an advanced show ticket to enter the show. The graffiti work is free.

Has your vehicle already been graffiti’d?

We would love for you to bring it along and take part in a display next to the graffiti marquee! Click here to contact us directly to make arrangements


Click to register

Which vehicles get chosen?

We choose a selection of different vehicles for the graffiti stand.  We don't choose standard unmodified vehicles and vehicles need to be rust free.


Chosen vehicles need to be available on the graffiti stand from Friday lunchtime, right through to Sunday 5pm. You can remove your vehicle from the stand on an evening after 5pm if required. You can leave it on the stand overnight if you prefer but this is at your own risk.

Graffiti registrations are closed.  They will start again in early 2022.