Photos   /   VW Festival 2008

16th and 17th August 2008

It felt like this year was a huge turning point in the evolution of VW Festival; although we had evening entertainment and camping in 2007, this year really felt like a step up from that with SEVEN live bands including Druids Brew, Host Lounge, Doctor Brown and the Groovecats and Voodoo Johnson, and more than triple the number of weekend ticket holders.

Thankfully we were back on the North Front, and given our experience in 2007 we were able to use both the North Front and the Show Field.

The weather for setup on the Friday was fact there were several red faced organisers by the end of the day, and the story was much the same for the Saturday while all the weekend campers and traders turned up.

The attendance of over 7000, even with regionalised flooding in various parts of Yorkshire, was excellent, more than we could have hoped, and we were overjoyed that the split between Air and Water cooled was almost 50/50.